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VITEK Mortgage Group
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3 Parkcenter Drive
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Sacramento, Ca 95825
Toll Free: (800) 570-5300

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You will be able to log in for up-to-the-minute updates on your loan in process and easily submit needed documentation to us to help ensure a faster transaction for you. This new state-of- the-art communication system will also support our efforts toward complete paperless transactions and helps us further our Think Green initiatives!

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VITEK's Mortgage Loan Originators represent the best in the business, combining mortgage expertise with a highly responsive customer service ethic.

Your Mortgage Loan Originator is the person who drives your loan process and is ultimately responsible for delivering timely and successful results. Our Mortgage Loan Originators make it their business to fully understand your situation so they can provide you with the right solution.

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  Name Branch Location Phone Number
andrew_hannah.jpgAndrew HannahFolsom, CA(916) 486-6415
andrew_borthwick.jpgAndrew BorthwickReno, NV(775) 657-8212
art_sims.jpgArthur SimsRoseville, CA Branch(916) 974-4146
brent_petefish.jpgBrent PetefishRoseville, CA Branch(916) 782-2442
vitek-logo.jpgCalPERM Home LoanRancho Cordova, CA(866) 787-0300
chad_stellmacher.jpgChad StellmacherK Street, CA(916) 382-4094
cheryl_foley2.jpgCheryl FoleyAuburn, CA(530) 888-1234
christine_springer.jpgChristine SpringerRedding, CA(530) 319-3103
dan_gross.jpgDan GrossPlacerville, CA Branch(916) 724-5093
danica_halverson.jpgDanica HalversonRoseville, CA(916) 974-4163
daniel-garza.jpgDaniel GarzaElk Grove, CA(916) 974-4160
dustin_terrazas.jpgDustin TerrazasRancho Cordova, CA(916) 974-4169
elizabeth_jenkins.jpgElizabeth JenkinsK Street, CA(916) 476-3990
eric_riley.jpgEric RileyRancho Cordova, CA(916) 974-4173
esther_fuller2.jpgEsther FullerSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4156
evelyne_jamet2.jpgEvelyne JametSacramento, CA Branch(916) 452-8800
photo_holder.jpgGloria Gonzales JacksonSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4158
gregg_henry.jpgGregg HenryAuburn, CA(530) 863-4663
harry_duncan2.jpgHarry DuncanRancho Cordova, CA(916) 486-6900
heidi_meeks.jpgHeidi MeeksRedding, CA(530) 319-3104
Indika_Fonseka.jpgIndika FonsekaRancho Cordova, CA(916) 486-6432
jaime_baer.jpgJaime BaerPlacerville, CA Branch(530) 621-0222
jason_russell.jpgJason RussellRancho Cordova, CA(916) 974-4171
jennifer_zweck3.jpgJennifer ZweckCameron Park, CA(530) 677-2460
jennifer_caplanbarth2.jpgJennifer Caplan-BarthRancho Cordova, CA(916) 343-9633
photo_holder.jpgJessica FranklinSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4183
jody_reese2.jpgJody ReeseFair Oaks, CA(916) 505-7689
jolie_thurston.jpgJolie ThurstonRedding, CA(530) 768-5565
jonathan_ray.jpgJonathan RayRancho Cordova, CA(916) 486-6412
joe_martini.jpgJoseph MartiniSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4150
kali_crawford.jpgKali CrawfordK Street, CA(916) 706-3153
katie_logsdon.jpgKatie LogsdonRoseville, CA Branch(916) 724-5128
laura_derry.jpgLaura DerrySacramento, CA Branch(916) 724-5094
liza_nguyen.jpgLiza NguyenSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4172
lori_cooley.jpgLori CooleyVacaville, CA(707) 689-5281
mark_gazzigli.jpgMark GazzigliRedding, CA(530) 319-3101
marlena_olson4.jpgMarlena OlsonSacramento, CA Branch(916) 974-4147
matthew_fielding.jpgMatthew FieldingRancho Cordova, CA(916) 486-6424
michele_kesner.jpgMichele KesnerSierra Oaks, CA(916) 515-7091
mike_hobson.jpgMike HobsonWest Roseville / Rocklin, CA(916) 486-6971
neal_kinder.jpgNeal KinderRedding, CA(530) 319-3102
nicole_bendorf.jpgNicole BendorfRoseville, CA(916) 724-5096
nikki_jaeger.jpgNikki JaegerNatomas, CA916) 974-4182
philip_duncan2.jpgPhilip DuncanRancho Cordova, CA(916) 486-6430
randy_randazzo2.jpgRandy RandazzoSacramento, CA Downtown(916) 889-8528
rich_pinnell.jpgRich PinnellRedding, CA(530) 768-5557
richard_strasser.jpgRichard StrasserRoseville, CA Branch(916) 724-5139
rikki_lytle.jpgRikki LytleRancho Cordova, CA(916) 974-4178
robert_turrietta2.jpgRobert TurriettaSacramento, CA Branch(916) 455-4279
sarah_lee3.jpgSarah LeeK Street, CA(916) 476-3631
shana_mckellar.jpgShana MckellarRancho Cordova, CA(916) 974-4145
stacy_kelly.jpgStacy KellyAuburn, CA(530) 863-4661
stephanie_mccarthy2.jpgStephanie McCarthyRoseville, CA Branch(916) 783-2283
steve_cockerell.jpgSteve CockerellPlacerville, CA Branch(530) 621-0222

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